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Custard Connoseir

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Could you ever imagine inhaling fumes that are custard flavoured? The Custard Connoisseur makes it possible with their amazing custard blends. They use fruity essences, at times adding touch of menthol to create something unique and outstanding.

To put it in a nutshell, you can almost taste the thick and creamy custard, flavoured as per your preference! Whether you opt for its blueberry flavour with the inhale being dominated by blueberries, while the exhale comes with creamy aftertaste that rounds up the whole sensation, the strawberry blend of fresh strawberries and custard, or the deliciously smooth butterscotch with its rich and sweet buttery essence entwined with lashings of creamy custard, you will enjoy them equally. If fruity flavours aren’t your cup of tea, you can try the peppermint e-liquid that is a refreshing take on the classic vanilla custard.

Custard Connoisseur is a must for custard e-liquid enthusiasts – order now!