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Ice Love Lollies

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The Steepologist has surely struck gold with its Ice Love Lollies range of exquisite e-juices. As is evident from the name, the flavours of ice lollies have been used in abundance combined with divine fruity tastes that make you salivate!

For instance, if you are craving for a cooling vape and can’t decide what you like best between blueberries and raspberries, enjoy a succulent blend of both with refreshing notes in the Blue Raspberry e-juice. The Strawberry Watermelon is a delightful summer vape in a bottle providing a refreshingly sweet after taste that will have you licking your lips. Satiate your cravings for a sweet, energizing cold drink with this amazing coke-flavoured e-liquid with fragrant notes of ripe cherries. 

If you love ice lollies, these e-juices are a must-have in your collection! Even if you don’t give them a try and won’t regret it! Hurry and place your order now.