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Nos Juice

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Best known for its unique bottle and great flavours, it is hardly surprising to see how famous NOS vape juices are around the world. While there are many e-liquid brands that depend on just pretty packaging to make a name for themselves, NOS delivers what is promised to consumers – great taste at reasonable rates.

Available in 50% VG, the vape juices from NOS are more for flavour chasers, even though cloud production is quite good.  For example, if you select G-Force, you will experience a beautiful blend of blackcurrant and grape which produces a juicy yet refreshing fruity e-liquid you can vape all day. Blackforest, however, is a uniquely bottled Malaysian e-liquid from Naked Nation that contains blackcurrant and mixed fruits with a touch of rejuvenating menthol.

With a range of mixed fruit flavours already available apart from those mentioned above, you will have no dearth of choices. Buy now!

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