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The Fog Clown

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Want to try something sinful yet delicious? Fog Clown e-juices are just what you are looking for! Touted to be shockingly flavourful with a scary twist, it takes all vapers on a thrilling ride that doesn’t; seem to end.

Barmon features the flavour from famous barley drink with a combination of lemons. It tastes exactly like a sweet barley lemon juice with an extra kick of freshness. Mojos on the other hand is stimulating and a tribute to the signature mango mojito cocktail – you can feel it swirling with every puff you take. This wicked blend makes the combination of the vibrant flavours of mint, lime and a hint of mango, a taste you won’t forget.

Pinkos has with a quirky blend of lemons, mixed berries and sodas. You will experience a kick of refreshing lemonade with a twist of juicy berries. Don’t miss out on Lykos with its sweet lychee and cool blackcurrant tangs!

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