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Calling all soda lovers – this is your chance to experience the beautiful sensation induced by vaping combined with the refreshing feel of a soda after a hectic day at work.

Fantasi e-liquid is a vape juice from Malaysia that is trending these days. It has slowly and steadily carved out a specific niche in the market. It has taken inspiration from the popular fizzy soda drink Fanta. It boasts of smooth and zesty flavours, which is bound to be a “hit” with soda lovers.

Basically you get a cool hit with every puff, and you have a wide range to take your pick from. Opt for juicy flavours that include Mango, Grape, Apple, Orange and Lemonade – for an extra cool hit, you can select the Ice addition.

The Fantasi e-liquid range has taken the vape community by storm due to its cold mix of fruity sweet flavours, so what are you waiting for? Try now!


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