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Fcukin Flava

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E-Sheesh is one of the most genuine places where the people can easily buy the best quality Fcukin Flava E-liquids at a reasonable price. Fcukin Flava is the most successful e-liquid brand because they are improving their brands constantly. They exactly know what the customers need and they manufacture the e-liquid accordingly.  The people behind these brands have great tastes because they always cook up vape juice flavours that are extremely balanced and tasty.

This Malaysian Made e-liquid is in demand because of its high VG ratio. This product is the perfect one for sub ohm vaping. High VG ratio helps the user to produce some impressively good big vape clouds. Alongside the VG ration, the flavours of Fcukin Flava also play a great role. Thanks to their manufacturing process through which people can get the dripping liquid awesomeness or fiercely sweet and moreish flavours.

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