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Frooti Tooti

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E-Sheesh is the proud seller of the Frooti Tooti e-liquids. They are based in Malaysia. This company produces impressively moreish Malaysian e-liquids for your vaping enjoyment. For the vape lovers enhance vaping experience, this company has produced some impressive e-juice products. If you have never tried Frooti Tooti brand e-juice till the date, you will surely add one in your basket, you will not regret that.

 Flavours of Frooti Tooti E-liquid:

  • Red Velvet Cheesecake: With this flavour, you will feel like you are having a piece of cheesecake in your mouth with the naughtiness. This e-liquid finished off with ripe sweet strawberries squeezed over the top.
  • Amazing Grape: This flavour contains a dash of mint with a unique full-bodied juicy grape flavour.
  • Tango Mango: This flavour also contains a dash of mint with an amazing full-bodied juicy Mango flavour.
  • Blazin' Blackcurrant: This impressive flavour by Frooti Tooti comes with a unique full-bodied juicy blackcurrant flavour with an added dash of mint.
  • Pink Fluffy Donut: This flavour of e-liquid comes with vanilla coating finish with bubble gum sprinkles on the exhale. This is the best sweet sugary bough-knot flavoured liquid glazed e-juice.

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