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Kaveman 10ml

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Did you know social media played an integral role in shaping up Kaveman to be the brand it now is? Its originator has a passion for vaping, which led to the creation of this spectacular brand!

It caters to a wide range of tastes starting from fruit based vapes to desserts and menthols. O Boy is one of its flagship products – it tastes just like orangeade over ice. It gives a light tickle that is immensely enjoyable. Another favourite is Ooga Booga, which is as funky as it sounds with honeydew style watermelon, followed by a slight hint of bubblegum. If you prefer ice-cream, go for Ripples, which is essentially in the form of raspberry syrup. It works particularly great for those who like raspberry cream cake.

If you are after flavours with a punch, whose taste will linger as a marvellous throat hit, Kaveman is just what you need!