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Mr Wicks

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Momo Eliquid brings you the marvellous collection of Mr. Wicks e-juices with an exquisite and lip-smacking selection of flavours that include fruits, drinks, desserts and candy. Made with the best quality ingredients, this line is heaven for those who love fruit juices and desserts.

The Raspberry & Lychee is in huge demand. Starting off with raspberry and lychee, you can get a whiff of both fruits straight off. The inhale brings sweet raspberry, while the exhale allows the lychee to come into play adding an almost tropical vibe to the liquid. If you like tarts, you will love the Lemon Tart flavour that is a mix of meringue and lemon, with the lemon boasting of sharp, citrus notes which mix with the sweetness of the meringue perfectly. The exhale is a toned down version of the inhale with rich buttery pastry notes underneath.

Many thrilling flavours to try out here – go ahead and order!

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