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The Dog Father

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The Dog Father e-juices are doing fabulously in the market thanks to the four lovely fruity flavours with their striking taste that makes you ask for more right from the very first whiff!

If you consider the Mighty Lychee, it brings together numerous fruits that have been blended together to create an elegant vape that gives you a “jungle-like” feel. The guava, cherry, orange and strawberry, work magnificently together. Lemon Twist tastes like sweet and sour sherbet that perfectly hits your taste buds and knocks them sideways. The “twist” comes in the form of raspberry, while the sour finish can be attributed to the pink lemonade in the mix. Mango Biz has hints of mango, pineapple and guava throughout the background that impart a fresh and zingy feel. Try the Honeydew Blast as it makes you feel refreshed since honeydew melon is known to be an excellent palate cleanser. It is mixed with Koolada for an amazing flavour.