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Twelve Monkey

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Twelve Monkeys Vapour is designed for a fascinating experience where you get to enjoy full flavour profiles with an awesome taste. It is a premium e-liquid line that brings some of the best tasting flavours on the market. It strikes the perfect balance between quality ingredients and reasonable pricing.

If you want to try fruity flavours, Tropika is just what you need with its amazing balance of exotic tropical fruits combined carefully to result in one of the most palate pleasing juice blends. The sensation is great, but not overpowering – ideal while vacationing. Mangabeys bring together pineapple, guava, and mango, which are accented by numerous Caribbean fruits.

Kanzi is quite sweet with great candy flavours thanks to strawberries and watermelon with a bit of kiwi thrown in.  Congo Custard is a layered flavour with two distinctly different vanillas that enhance the taste of handpicked, fresh strawberries.

Twelve Monkeys has much more to offer so do check out the entire range!