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Unicorn Cakes is a fantastic creation from Vape Breakfast Classics – it imparts a charming explosion of your favourite breakfast flavors that can be enjoyed all day. This e-juice is blended to a ratio of 70VG/30PG.

The e-liquid is a stimulating combination of a blueberry infused pancake that is mixed with a wash of strawberry milk. The inhale starts with a delicate taste of a blueberry pancake fresh off the stove with supporting notes of strawberry. The notes of berries start to creep in slightly at the beginning. The strawberry flavour becomes more pronounced during the exhale as the warm pancake is washed down during the strawberry milk finish. A nice level of creaminess can be tasted as well, so the exhale is actually quite smooth and silky. There is no harshness to the liquid at all from start to finish.

Rest assured you won’t tire of this sweet and light vape – order now!