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Slush Drops

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Do you like slushies? This cool and refreshing concoction gives an awesome feeling on a hot summer day! Now you can experience the power of vaping combined with an endearing fruity flavour that is reminiscent of your favourite slushy that you couldn’t wait to have after school!

The Blue Raz is actually a new spin on the slush flavour, with blue raspberry notes and a refreshingly icy slush blast. As is evident from the name, Lime has loads of sweet lime cordial smashed through layers of icy slush for a truly mouth-watering experience. The Orange flavour is as realistic as it could be – the icy slush will take you straight back to you your childhood. The Raspberry e-juice has steered away from the conventional deep, rich full-bodied punch of raspberry. Not even remotely thin or acidic - this is a bold in-your-face flavour.

Try and see for yourself – relive old memories!